My New Card Game App Is Coming Soon!


The Google Play Store is getting ready to release my new app. This app enables people play a game.

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The player selects the game from a group of four games. The four games belong to the Big Slick ™ family of table card games. Poker-like, Blackjack-like, Baccarat-Like and No Bust are the names of sub-families within the Big Slick ™ family of table card games.

I preregistered, and the Google Play Store will notify me when my new Big Slick ™ card game app becomes available for download.  To do the same, visit my new Big Slick ™ card game app display page in the Google Play Store.



I Updated Rules for Poker-Like Finnish 27 Game.

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Some time ago, I posted a free app for Android devices to the Google Play App Store. The app enables people to play comparing card games belonging to the Finnish 27™ family of table card games. One of the comparing card games is described as being “Poker-like”. I changed the rules for the Poker-Like Finnish 27™ game featured in the app. For that reason, I have updated the rules for the Poker-like Finnish 27™ game on site as well.


Version 1.10 of Finnish 27™ Android App Released


In Version 1.10, the changes include the following. All changes pertain to the poker-like Finnish 27 game. The predetermined strategy for the play of the dealer’s hand is different. The description of the best strategy for the play of the player’s hand is updated. A table for the basic strategy for 2 card hands is provided. A table for the exception rules for 2 card hands is provided. Tables for 3 card hands and 4 card hands are provided. Links to said tables are provided in the rules section.

Here is a link

Free Game App for Android Devices


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I am proud to present a free game app for android devices. The app enables the player to play Finnish 27 ™.

The following is a link to App listing in the Google Play Store

U.S. Patent 9162137B2 Issued to Kevin Michael McDaniel


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Sometime ago, I invented Finnish 27, a new family of table-card games. I don’t know whether my invention is worth anything. Just in case it is, I decided to patent it before telling the world about it.

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